Small Costs

Big Advice

Advice is the cornerstone of your financial plan.

What are the benefits of working with an Advisor?

Why can’t I get to my goals myself with a variety of different offerings from various companies?

These are fair questions to which you need answers to ensure you’re comfortable making a decision on how your financial future is managed.

We believe that growing, protecting, and transferring your wealth requires a good plan suited to your needs, goals, aspirations, circumstances, lifestyle, and life stages. Perhaps most importantly, an expert consultant whose focus is to get you to your goal by keeping you accountable.

At IPC, with that core belief, we help you:

• Map and execute a financial plan to meet your current needs and future aspirations.

• Evaluate, create, and implement solutions for your future (like financially preparing for your children’s education, the purchase of a new or second home, or, your retirement).

• Review, revise and readjust your plan throughout its lifecycle.

• Provide advice on the financial decisions you need to make to better manage your investment portfolio, debt, and cash flow levels.

• Plan, strategize and execute a viable solution for the transfer of your wealth and assets to reduce or defer taxes.




cost of advice


Investors who work with an advisor

Save at

2 x

the rate of non-advised households

Are more confident about retirement


4.2 x

the median assets of non-advised households

Are more likely to choose tax-efficient savings vehicles

*Source: New Evidence on the Value of Financial Advice Dr.Jon Cockerline. Ph.D, 2012, Investment Funds Institute of Canada (IFIC); The Value of Advice Report, 2012, IFIC.

Cost Breakdown

We believe, that growing, protecting and transferring your wealth requires a good plan, suited to your needs, goals, aspirations, circumstances, lifestyle and life stages. 


cost of advice breakdown